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Growing up, I was a part of several different organizations. I started dance when I was just three years old, then experimented with sports including softball. In middle school, I played volleyball, basketball, and soccer. I also participated in middle school band playing the clarinet and in chorus. Over different summers, I took art and painting classes. In seventh grade, I started performing in plays and musicals with an organization called ACT! For Youth. Then high school came along and I stopped playing sports and started focusing on dance and chorus. Over the course of those four years, they were all I cared about. In this essay, I’m going to write about chorus; because honestly it is the only thing I miss about high school at all. My first year of high school was scary. Everyone’s is! I was small and didn’t know my way around. I made the most of it, and I found amazing friends through one class. It was chorus. My teacher, who I will never forget, considered every one of her students “children” and we all considered her our “other mother.” Every day we would enter the chorus room with a smile on our faces and if we didn’t have one, Mrs. Sherrod, our teacher, would make sure she would give us one. Mostly, we would warm up and grab our folders. Our folders contained all of our music that we were learning for that ‘season’, whether it was for our Christmas concert, competition, or spring concert. Also, we would perform a little for organizations in our community. For example, elementary schools and nursing homes. We would always work on music the entire class period, for us that was okay. We enjoyed combining our talents and singing with each other all the time. It was great fun. As I mentioned earlier, every year our chorus went on trip out of the state. The four years I was there, we traveled to Boston, MA, Orlando, FL, Atlanta, GA, and New York City, New York. These trips were the highlight of being in chorus. All of my friends were in chorus as well, so it was a lot of fun. We would always go on our trips on the last weekend of April. Even though my mom went with us every year, it was still a lot of fun, and I enjoyed every second of it. At the end of every year we always had a chorus banquet to share memories and pictures and to just have fun together. Yes, every year was fun but none was as emotional as senior year. There were around 40 seniors that all grew up, in those four years together, which were graduating from chorus and high school. It was a very emotion and fun night. Mrs. Sherrod sang for us and gave us all roses for our four years in chorus. We had special gifts from Mrs. Sherrod as well. Each was a picture frame of us seniors with a graduation cap on it. I have it on my dresser in my dorm room today. I keep it there and always remember the memories we all shared and all of the good and bad times. It truly is the only reason I miss high school. I met some of my greatest friends that I will always try to keep in touch with. As you can tell, by the amount of ‘fun’ I mentioned in this essay, that I will always cherish this ‘subculture’. I even will tell people about it, and encourage them to audition for chorus. Even though it may seem easy, it’s not! You have to work hard, but in return you get great friendships and even greater memories that you will never forget.


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