DW Box #3

My article came from the East Carolinian, the newspaper for East Carolina University. It was published Thursday January 13, 2011. The writer states that if you have the right to vote, serve your country (which is a situation between life and death), get married, make adult decisions, buy tobacco, etc., then why can’t you buy alcohol and drink it? He believes that if the alcohol age was lowered back to 18 years of age many students would feel rebellious to drink behind the law. It might even get kids to stay in school longer. This is his opinion but I would have to agree as well. Students wouldn’t feel as “cool” to drink underage as they would over age. I think this relates to culture because some people are religious and don’t believe in drinking alcohol at all while others don’t have a certain belief or expectation to live up to. That relates to culture a lot, especially being with religion. There are a lot of other culture explanations to go along with why this article deals with differences.


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