AB for Black Schools Project

“Herman Bryan Sugg.” N.p.: n.p., n.d. Print.

The school I am researching is H.B. Sugg High School which is now H.B. Sugg Elementary School. To start my research I looked up the man who is named after this school. His name is Herman Bryan Sugg and he was a son of slaves. He rose form poverty to become successful and he was raised on a farm near Snow Hill, NC. He attended Mary Potter Memorial School which is located in Oxford, NC and then furthered his education by attending Lincoln University in Pennsylvania. He served as a principal/teacher in Greene County but was interupted by having to serve in the Military during WW1. After his service in the Military he started a four-room school which was also considered to be a make-shift hotel and it grew into a thirty-two room school with 34 teachers teaching in it.


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