Introduction to Introduction :)

Hey everyone! My name is Hilary Piner and I am just completing my freshman year at ECU with a major in Dance Education (for right now) and a minor in Business! For the Spring 2011 semester I participated in a service learning course for English 1200 taught by the lovely Mrs. Stephanie West-Puckett. It was an interesting course to say the least and I say that because I didn’t enjoy it as much as I would. It consisted of a lot of work, including off campus as well. If you are into that well then go for it! It just wasn’t a course for me. I did finish out though, not quite sure of what the outcome is going to be. This course consisted of going to class every day we had it (that was a big NO if you missed!) You would always be reminded of important details and deadlines during class, and we would always get work completed. We had two major projects this year. The first was an Ethnography project that we had to research an organization from our school and tell details about it. The second was called the “Black Schools Project” where we studied and researched what was considered a black school (before integration) and looked at the different details and information about it. All of the projects were very interesting and I enjoyed being around my classmates!


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ECU girls = best in the world.
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