Classroom Participation 2/24/11- Ethnography Writing Explanations?

Group 1: Respect for Persons-Keeping an open mind that all should be treated equal and fairly with clear communications and understanding what they are participating in.
-Why are you doing this reserach? How long is it going to take?
-I will practice informed consent.
-I will tell everyone what my study is and why I am doing it.
-I will treat everyone equally and courteously.
-I will do things appropriate to the culture.
-I will consider how my biases impact my behaviors.
-I will act appropriately and be prepared for the interview.
-I will understand that human beings are complexed and I am only seeing one side of this individual.

Group 2: Beneficence-Positively and truthfully representing your field through clear communication and feedback.
-Research should benefit the site. Not specific. How am I going to not put people at risk, and how is my research going to benefit them?
-I will give positive publicity to the organization.
-I will not take any statement out of context when interviewing members of the organization.
-I will ask permission before using photographs or any forms of identity.
-I will provide feedback and drafts to your organization before sharing with a class or anyone else.
-I will share any financial benefits with the organization that was studied.

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Research Proposal

I don’t think I wrote my first RP right, so I’m going to try again…

In english 1200 we are researching subcultures. My friend Josh and I chose the GLBT Organization here at East Carolina. The reason I chose this subculture was because I have a couple of friends who chose to live their lifestyles like the people in this organization. It is bullied a lot and that is a very big concern with me. How can you make fun of someone for choosing who they want to love? It is very hard to comprehend so I want to research their lifestyles to see how they live with it. I’m not going to make fun or pick on the people who are involved, I am just very curious.
My plan is to continue to research with the computer and the library but I also plan to attend the meetings here at ECU that are held every Wednesday at 5 o clock in Mendenhall to expand my research and to actually interact. I am very excited about including myself in this organization to research their lives. They are normal people just deciding to love someone who people wouldn’t exactly see them with. I’m also very interested in this subculture because of the “It Gets Better” Campaign. Several celebrities and artists have joined this campaign because they are also tired of the bullying done around our universe.

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AB #2

Nikolic, I. (2007). House for the Homeless: A place to hang your hat. In B. Sunstein & E. Chiseri-Strater, Fieldworking: Reading and writing, research (3rd ed.) (pp. 35-54) Boston: Bedford/ St. Martins

This short story consisted of explaining how different subcultures are viewed in our society. He or she, it did not specify which one, was telling her story about how she is different and what her family went through. My thoughts on this was it was useful and helpful to understand how people are treated differently but I still am shocked at why people act this way today. Cultures should be appreciated and not put down. I always have been interested to see how people live differently from the average American size. I’m not sure if this person writing specified on what her subculture or culture was, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t American. I’m interested in our subculture projects because I like learning different things and learning about different peoples lives.

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AB #1

Rick, M. (2010, August 22). College freshman bring cultural
difference with them. In My Central Jersey. Retrieved January 19, 2011,


This article was about how things have changed over the
years with different people’s cultures.
He specifically explains how things are different form 20 years
ago.  For example, he states that people
do not need watches.  Instead they could
just use their cell phones to tell what time it was.   Back then, cell phones weren’t
invented.  Another thing I noticed was
humor in this article.  He uses jokes and
funny examples to prove his point that this world has changed.  People will always be different, and things
will always get bigger and better, so our world will always be different. I
believe that there are several questions needed to be asked including “Who was
this article written for specifically?” and “What point was the writer trying
to get across with writing this article?” As I stated earlier, he was trying to
explain how this world has changed with different details and examples.

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Dragon’s Den Reflection

I found Dragon’s Den to be very useful and helpful for my project, especially relating in research.  It got me to think deep down into my project’s subculture and topic a lot more than I thought I could.

Today’s Meet was helpful as well, but just as in encouragement.  I can take critiques very well, it won’t bother me if someone doesn’t like what I have done.  It helps me, a lot.

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Just getting started…

Trying to get used to this. So confused. Documents will be coming up soon and will be up before Tuesday!

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